18. – 19.jun 2011. god.
SRB, Belgrade, Olimpic swimming pool  "Gale Muškatirović"

Age categories:

Male                                         Female
M3  1995,1996                          W3   1997.1998
M2  1993,1994                          W3   1995,1996
M1  1992 and older                    W1  1994 and older

Competition program:

1.    Part Saturday 09.00h ( Heats)

     50m Freestyle                     M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3 
     50m Breaststroke               M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3 
     100m Backstroke                 M1+M2+M3,  W1+W2+W3 
     100m Butterfly                     M1+M2+M3,  W1+W2+W3
     200m Freestyle                     M1+M2+M3,  W1+W2+W3 
     200m Breaststroke               M1+M2+M3,  W1+W2+W3 
     200m I.Medley                     M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3 
   1500m Freestyle                    M1+M2+M3                            
     800m Freestyle                    W1+W2+W3                            

2.    Part Saturday 17.00h ( Finale)

                    50m Freestyle               M+W     
                    50m Breaststroke         M+W     
                  100m Backstroke            M+W    
                  100m Butterfly                M+W    
                  200m Freestyle               M+W     
                  200m Breaststroke         M+W 
                  200m I.Medley                M+W
                1500m Freestyle                M
                  800m Freestyle                W

3.    Part Sunday 09.00h  (Heats)

                   50m  Backstroke                M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                   50m  Butterfly                    M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                 100m  Freestyle                    M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                 100m  Breaststroke              M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                 200m  Butterfly                    M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                 200m  Backstroke                M1+M2+M3,   W1+W2+W3
                 400m  Freestyle                   M1+M2+M3,    W1+W2+W3
                 400m  I.Medley                    M1+M2+M3,    W1+W2+W3

 4.  Part Sunday   17.00h (Finals)

                    50m Backstroke          M+W
                    50m Butterfly              M+W
                  100m Freestyle              M+W
                  100m Breaststroke        M+W
                  200m Butterfly              M+W
                  200m Backstroke          M+W
                  400m Freestyle              M+W
                  400m  I.Medley             M+W   

On Saturday 18 and  Sunday 19 June 2011.
    Heats: warming-up at 9a.m., 10a.m. competition
Finals: warming-up at 17p.m., 18p.m. competition
    Entry fee for all competition is 10 euro.
    Dead line for entry 15.06.2011. fax: +381 11 264 77 59 or e-mail: psb@verat.net, information line: +381 63 207 507
    Colorado Time system
    The competition will be governed by the PSS and FINA regulations.
    Competition regulation: Each competitor has right to participate in unlimited number of trials.
In the morning all the competitors will be classified in to the groups according to their rekorder
swimming results disregarding their age.
In afternoon eight bst competitors from qualification trials will appear.
    For the strokes 800m (female) and 1500m (male), maximum of 16 competitors will bi placed on 
starting list, according to their best reported swimming results.
    Rewards: Three first placed competitors M3 M2, W3 W2 in event stroke ( according to the results
achieved in heats) will be rewarded with medals.
    The male and female competitors with the best result by FINA points from two ( total score, one
result from each part of the program) will be rewarded with money amounting 500euro.
The second and third competitor will receive money reward amounting: 
the second 300 euro, and the third 200 euro.
    The best result by FINA points will be rewarded with the trophy called “NLB Belgrade Victor 2011” only for competitors in category M2-M3 and W2-W3