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20th – 21st June 2015.
SRB, Belgrade, Olympic long course pool „Milan Gale Muškatirović“

Age categories:
Male Female
M3 1999-2000 W3 2001-2002
M2 1997-1998 W2 1999-2000
M1 1996 and older W1 1998 and older

Competition program:

1. Part Saturday 09.00h ( Heats)

50m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
50m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Butterfly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m I.Medley M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
1500m Freestyle M1+M2+M3
800m Freestyle W1+W2+W3

2. Part Saturday 17.00h ( Finale)

50m Freestyle M+W
50m Breaststroke M+W
100m Backstroke M+W
100m Butterfly M+W
200m Freestyle M+W
200m Breaststroke M+W
200m I.Medley M+W
1500m Freestyle M
800m Freestyle W

3. Part Sunday 09.00h (Heats)

50m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
50m Butterfly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Butterfly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
400m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
400m I.Medley M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3

4. Part Sunday 17.00h (Finals)

50m Backstroke M+W
50m Butterfly M+W
100m Freestyle M+W
100m Breaststroke M+W
200m Butterfly M+W
200m Backstroke M+W
400m Freestyle M+W
400m I.Medley M+W

 The competition will take place at in-door Olympic swimming pool “Milan Gale Muškatirović” 50m,
8 lanes on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June 2015.
 Heats: warm-up at 9a.m., 10a.m. competition
Finals: warm-up at 17p.m., 18p.m. competition
 Entry fee for all competitors is 5 euro per start.
 Deadline for entry is 18.6.2015. You can send your entries to psb@verat.net , information line: +381600207 507, +381641207788
 Timing system: Colorado Time system
 The competition will be in accordance with the SFF and FINA regulations.
 Competition regulation: Each competitor is eligible in unlimited number of trials. Seedings for heats shall be based on entry times, regardless of age. In the finals, only the best 8 competitors from heats shall compete.
 For events 800m (female) and 1500m (male), maximum of 16 competitors will bi placed on
starting list, based on the best entry times.
 Rewards: Three first placed competitors M3 M2, W3 W2 in each event ( according to the results
achieved in heats) will be rewarded with medals.
 The male and female competitors with the best results according to FINA points from two events (total score, one result from each part of the program) shall receive a money prize in the amount of 500euro.
The prize for the second placed swimmer shall be 300 euro and for the third placed 200 euro.
 The best result by FINA points will be rewarded with the trophy called “ Belgrade Trophy 2015” only for competitors in category M2-M3 and W2-W3