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22nd – 23rd June 2019.

SRB, Belgrade, Olympic long course pool „Milan Gale Muškatirović“

Age categories:
Male Female
M3 2005 - 2006 W3 2006 - 2007
M2 2001 - 2004 W2 2002 - 2005
M1 Open W1 Open
Competition program:

I. Saturday,(22.06.2019.) 09.00h (Heats)
50m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
50m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m I. Medley M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Butterfly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
1500m Freestyle M1+M2+M3
800m Freestyle W1+W2+W3

II. Saturday,(22.06.2019.) 17.00h (Finals)

III. Sunday,(23.06.2019.) 09.00h (Heats)
50m Butterly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
50m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
400m I. Medley M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
100m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Butterfly M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3 (Memorial race Mirko Mirković-Kinez)
100m Breaststroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
200m Backstroke M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3
400m Freestyle M1+M2+M3, W1+W2+W3

IV. Sunday,(23.06.2019.) 17.00h (Finals)

 The competition will take place at indoor Olympic swimming pool “Milan Gale Muškatirović” , 50m, 8 lanes, on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd June 2019.
 Heats: warm-up at 9 a.m., competition at 10 a.m.
Finals: warm-up at 5 p.m., competition at 6 p.m.
 Entry fee for all competitors is 5 euro per start
 Deadline for entry is 20.6.2019. You can send your entries to , information line: +381693394378, +381600207 507
 Timing system: Colorado Time system
 The competition will be in accordance with the SSF and FINA regulations.
 Competition regulation: Each competitor is eligible in unlimited number of trials.
Seedings for heats shall be based on entry times, regardless of age. In the finals, only the best 8 competitors from heats shall compete.
In the heats with 8 or less competitors, there will be direct finals only.
 For events 800m (female) and 1500m (male), slower heats will compete in the afternoon session, and fast heats (8 fastest entry times in both events) will compete in direct final in the evening session.
 Rewards: Three first placed competitors in categories M3- M2, W3-W2 in each event (according to the results achieved in heats) will be rewarded with medals.
 The most valuable result according to FINA points in the event 200m Butterfly – Memorial race “Mirko
Mirković-Kinez“ will be specially rewarded.
 Male and female competitors with the best results according to FINA points from two events (total score, one result from each part of the program) shall receive a money prize in the amount of 500euro.
The prize for the second placed swimmer shall be 300 euro and for the third placed 200 euro.
 The best result by FINA points will be rewarded with the trophy called “ Belgrade Trophy 2019”, only for competitors in categories M2-M3 and W2-W3.

Live Results:


President Swimming Federation of Belgrade
Ivan Djordjevic